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The Cleanhand..the ultimate No-Touch Tool! $9.95
PROTECT YOUR FAMILY! The No-Touch Tool has Free Shipping in the USA When You Buy 2 or More!   READ ALL DETAILS Avoid direct contact with germs, viruses, and diseases on a variety of public surfaces Multi-Functional Device The Ultimate No-Touch Tool and no-touch door opener! Designed and manufactured in the USA Reduce point-of-contact area by close to 99% with this no-touch tool! Easy to carry and fits on key chains or lanyards Made from ABS plastic and dishwasher safe The device is non-conductive, non-metallic This no-touch tool is recommended for ages 5 & older Not to exceed 11 lbs. of force The most effective and affordable No-Touch Tool! Smaller than  a smartphone Super Lightweight when compared to the clean key A Travel-friendly No-Touch Tool! THANKS! FROM THE CLEAN HAND  Protect Yourself!     Protect Others! Save With Free Shipping And Bulk Discounts on our Multipacks on checkout!   If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us anytime