The idea for “the cleanhand” was created months before the COVID-19 pandemic. Anytime members of our family were in public settings such as public restrooms, airplanes, hotels, grocery stores, or casinos, it was always appalling or, as we liked to say disgusting, to have to touch surfaces like doors, handles, light switches, POS screens, or elevator buttons that so many other people had touched previously.

We knew that these surfaces were not clean, and germs, viruses, and diseases lingered on them only waiting for us to pick them up with our hands or fingers. This is how “the cleanhand” device was born!

Our family is proud to call the United States and Canada our homes. Serving customers locally, nationally, and internationally, our goal is to deliver excellence in all areas of our work. For quality and safety assurance, we sample test all of our items in-house. “the cleanhand” provides affordable, PPE products with exceptional customer service.

We also support national charities with the generosity from our sales.

Thank you for your support and for shopping with us! 



Each time a CleanHand is sold a donation will be made
to the following charities
TUNNELS TO TOWER                              


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