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Why Washing Hands aren‘t enough?

Ever wondered how many things you're touching when you go out? Even if you take proper care, there are still many things that you touch which may have germs. To begin with, when you go to an elevator, you touch the button. When you go outside, there will be thousands of more things that you touch, starting from public doors to lights to gas stations.

So, you might be wondering what's the problem, right?

 Always use the cleanhand, the ultimate no-touch tool!

Washing Hands isn't Enough

If you're a germaphobe, we don't need to tell you what's the problem. However, for other people, it's necessary to stay healthy and stay safe especially during this situation which we're witnessing.

Once you touch something, the germs can last on your body for up to 3 hours. Don't you think, you will touch your face or maybe eat something within 3 hours? Even if you don't, there will be many places where you will touch.

For example, you touched the elevator button first which had germs. Now, you took out your mobile to call your friend or to text them. The germs will also get transmitted there.

After a while, you felt hungry and thought to fill up your stomach. You will surely wash your hands which will remove the germs from your hand. But, what about the ones that are on your mobile? If you took out the phone to receive a call, it will surely affect you.

Now, some people might argue saying they won't touch the phone and we agree. However, what if you touched your watch or maybe purse/wallet? You will surely touch both of these subconsciously while you're eating. You might simply touch your purse to keep it aside and bam, you have the germs.

So, what's the solution?


The cleanhand

 Always use the cleanhand, the ultimate no-touch tool!The cleanhand

is a device that can help you out to stay safe and stay healthy. It a key-like device that can hold things for you, touch surfaces, press the button, move things, and do a lot of other things without you having to make direct contact.

You can use it to press the elevator button or hold the carry bags. You can also use it in gas stations, casinos, restaurants, and thousands of other places. It's an awesome device that helps you to stay safe.

The only problem you might be having is to carry it. That's where thecleanhand has solved your problem. It's small in size and light in weight. In most cases, your smartphone might be bigger and heavier than this device.

That's why everyone who wants to stay healthy should have it.

  Always use the cleanhand, the ultimate no-touch tool!

Final Words


To conclude, this was all about how you can keep yourself safe. If you're a germaphobe, you should order it now. It's made in the USA and is affordable in price. Even if you use this device, you should wash your hands before you eat or after coming from the home. It's not an alternative to washing hands but it's a companion that will help you to stay healthy. 

Always use the cleanhand, the ultimate no-touch tool!




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