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The CleanHand Inc Announces!



The Clean Hand Inc. of Natick, Massachusetts is Offering a Multi-Purpose PPE-Like Device to Help People Avoid Surface Contact and Germs Amid The Wide-scale Spread Of COVID-19 AND OTHER VIRUSES!

The Ultimate No-Touch Tool! Made in the USA!

Viruses germs and now the COVID-19 pandemic has wreaked havoc across the world, especially within the United States. One of the major hurdles in curbing the spread of COVID-19 has been maintaining a superior degree of health and hygiene. Medical experts know the best way to avoid coming into contact with COVID-19 or any virus is to minimize or eliminate contact with surfaces that we touch on a daily basis; door handles, light switches, elevator buttons, ATM machines, public bathrooms, shopping carts, and many other surfaces. The Clean Hand Inc. has come up with a unique multi-function key-like PPE tool that allows you to PUSH, PULL, & ENGAGE these surfaces without any  hand or  finger contact. the cleanhand will reduce your exposure to germs, viruses and diseases.

The Clean Hand: Background

The founders of the cleanhand developed this idea several months before the COVID-19 crisis.

“We were disgusted when we were in a public restroom, an airplane, a hotel, or any public place, that when touching a variety of surfaces like handles, switches and doors that these surfaces were not clean. We knew that germs, viruses, and diseases lingered on them only waiting for us to pick them up with our hands or fingers. We recognized the need for this PPE device in places like stores, schools, restaurants, airports, hotels, casinos, and many more. We realized this device could have other benefits like helping the environment decrease the use of gloves and wipes. Overuse of hand sanitizer or wipes can result in dry skin and may become antibiotic resistant.

Then it clicked; we had to be part of this solution against viruses, germs and diseases, and “the cleanhand” was created. Kiras Persky  Co-Founder,

Effective & Affordable Personal Protection Devices

The multi-purpose device is crafted from high-quality ABS plastic and is dishwasher safe. It is a small non conductive device that is travel-friendly.

“the cleandhand”  is a unique patent pending multi-purpose PPE device manufactured in the United States of America This patent pending product is recommended for anyone over the age of five, and easily fits in one's pocket. “the cleanhand” is crafted from high-quality ABS plastic, non conductive, flexible, strong material, It is affordable, easy to use, and extremely effective.

 It is fair to say that “thecleanhand”  is indeed doing its part in helping curb the spread of the pandemic.  Paying it forward.. “the cleanhand” team  announced that every time a device is sold, it donates  to the following four charities - Tunnels to Towers, Jared Allen’s Homes For Wounded Warriors, St, Jude Children’s Hospital, and Shriners Hospital For Children. 

To know more about the product, its usability and other details, please visit The Clean Hand official website, or watch this self-explanatory video.

Media Details
Company: The Clean Hand Inc.
Contact: Dr Adam Persky  (702) 420-2633

Country: USA

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